Only 25 minutes South of the US-Mexican border, Las Gaviotas is a premiere surf resort in Baja California Norte. A gated community with 24 hour security, Gaviotas is safer than most neighborhoods in the United States! Aside from particularly festive holidays throughout the year such as July 4th or Cinco de Mayo, Gaviotas is generally a quiet sanctuary for its retired residents and a few families that live there. There are around 300 homes, all of rustic Spanish architecture, most of which are set up as vacation rentals for the lucky few that discover the place!

Built in the 1970s, the founding residents chose Las Gaviotas for its unique Southern disposition and quality surf. As one of the older communities in Baja Norte, it has a certain charm not found in other resorts. The quiet cobbled streets all lead to the malecon, a boardwalk that wraps around the oceanfront with access for all its residents to the water and two separate beaches on either side of the community. The homes themselves are architectural gems, with Spanish tile rooftops, stained glass windows, and brick-framed archways throughout. The entire community is full of decorative nooks and crannies with quaint alleyways connecting the tiered streets. Sculptures, fountains, and ceramic pottery can be found throughout the natural desert landscaping. It’s the sort of environment you can only expect from a community that has been worked on for the last 40 years with a great deal of love, care, and creativity.

Central to Las Gaviotas is the club house, swimming pool, and hot tub. Solar panels on top of the clubhouse heat the pool throughout the year and the hot tub is always bubbling around 104°F. The clubhouse itself is a large building with sweeping views over the pool and ocean, and is available for the likes of parties, weddings, and other festivities. Surrounding the pool are a few rows of lounge chairs and the occasional palapa. Looking down from the malecon at low tide exposes the reef below to an entire world of tide-pooling. While the snowy egrets explore the reef in search of food, you can explore the reef to find the likes of hermit crabs, sea anemones, shore crabs, sea stars, barnacles, sea cucumbers, and if you're especially lucky, octopi!

Next to the reef on the North side of Gaviotas is a sandy beach with a volley ball net, a few grilles, an outdoor shower, and plenty of room for sunbathing. It also provides easy access to the main surf break. Otherwise, there is also point that juts out near the pool that during high tide you can hop straight into the water from and be out in the waves within seconds. Or else, going the other way around you can sometimes ride a wave back in to the point, hop out of the water, and be in the hot tub in just as much time as getting in! To say the least, Las Gaviotas is a great place to enjoy the ocean in the most comfortable and peaceful of environments.